Tyre Seal 500mL
Tyre Seal 500mL

Tyre Seal 500mL

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On The Go Tyre Sealant in 500mL. Includes valve core removal tool and filler tube inside cap for easy application.
Apply once, never get a puncture. For tube and tubeless tyres. 100% Australian made and owned.


Our product repeatedly and in most cases for the life of the tyre (approx. 2 years) protects your tyres from punctures.
On The Go Tyre Sealant formula contains coolant properties that keeps your tyres at the correct temperature, and
a rust inhibitor that prevents rims from rusting. Our product will not cause any damage to your tyre, will not cause
balancing issues and is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

On The Go Tyre Sealant is used as a preventative, it stops you from getting punctures. Our product is not an emer-
gency tyre sealant, therefore will not damage your tyres like they can. We can only guarantee punctures in the tread

area up to 6mm in diameter, not sidewall damage as the structural integrity of the tyre has been compromised.
In general, our product is a liquid rope seal. It forces temperature-proof advanced fibres and other ingredients in the
product into where the puncture occurred, immediately creating an air tight seal. Should a puncturing object get

within your tyres tread area, you can remove it, then rotate the tyre so our product reaches where the puncture oc-
curred, and our product will create an airtight seal, keeping your tyre protected and you on the go! This will automati-
cally happen while the vehicle is moving, you might not even realise you got a puncture in the first place!

On The Go Tyre Sealant has been on the market for 15 years and it has always outperformed competitor products,
because its Australian Made and it been formulated to perform with our extreme conditions – from our scorching
deserts to our snowy mountains.

Required Amount:
Bicycle – 125mL
Wheel Barrow – 250mL
Auto/Motorcycle – 250mL
RideOn/ATV/4WD – 500mL

Once your tyres have been fully deflated, the required amount is installed via the air valve of your tyre (a valve core
removal tool is provided). Once the valve is replaced and the tyre is re-inflated to the correct pressure your tyres are
protected on the go!

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